Electronic Hardware

Electronic Hardware

The installation and security of avionics and other electronic equipment in modern aircraft depends on an array of ingenious fasteners manufactured by Aerospace Products Company.

Standards include:

  • NAS622 Support Hook
  • NAS573 Clamp Assembly (see below)
  • NAS574 Pin Assembly
  • Mil-F-85731 and MS14108 Equivalents
  • NAS487 and MS33737 Instrument Mounting Nuts

We no longer have a manufacturing source for the forged bolt component of the NAS573 assemblies; however, we may have an alternate part that would be acceptable. We have manufactured a machined bolt in lieu of a forged bolt. All material callouts, dimensions and finishing processes are the same as NAS573-11 or NAS573-12 with the exception that this is a MACHINED bolt and we have also added the additional step of 100% non-destructive testing.

The MOD NAS573 (using the MACHINED bolt) assemblies are comprised of

  • NAS573-7 or NAS573-8 NUT
  • NAS573-9, NAS573-9P, NAS573-10, or NAS573-10P HINGE
  • AP573-11 or AP573-12 MACHINED BOLT
  • MS20392-1C15 PIN
  • MS24665-151 COTTER PIN
  • 10-32 or ¼-28 ALUMINUM ACORN NUT

The MOD NAS573 is an alternate solution exclusively for customers of Aerospace Products Company and is NOT approved by the National Aerospace Standards Committee.